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Display Snow. New FX Product (12.07.2009)

As used in major film productions this is an incredibly realistic, fireproof, plastic, anti static, snow. It is also perfect for visual merchandising, parties, events and at home.

The coarse grade gives a larger flake size and is great for creating deep snow effects. If desired it can be overdressed with Fine, Medium or SnowSparkle for added realism.

Easy to hand dress, simply open the box and pour. This product is popular with visual merchandising & events when just a scattering of snow is required in an area subject to drafts and high traffic, as there is very little dust and the heavier flake results in very little travel.

Also used for simulating background falling snow.

Coverage: each 2.15kg (net weight) box will cover approx 7 square metres at 1cm depth.

Coarse, Medium and Fine available


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