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  • Vermiculite
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  • Vermiculite
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Uses & Application :

  • Backfill for Firebacks and Boilers
  • Chimney Lining
  • Pipe Insulation
  • Lightweight Concrete
  • Roof & Floor insulation
  • Packaging
  • Thermal & Acoustic Insulation
  • Loose Pour Aggregate
  • High Temperature Insulation
  • Horticultural Applications


Vermiculite is suitable for insulating chimney liners, backfill for firebacks and boilers, pipe insulation, roof and floor insulation, thermal & acoustic insulation and much more.

Our exfoliated vermiculite complies with airfreight regulations for packaging materials. It is an inert, sterile, free-flowing material which can be poured easily around irregularly shaped products to form a baffle against impact shock as well as giving thermal protection.

Vermiculite is also completely fireproof and highly absorbent; it will retain liquids within its structure as well as between the particles themselves before drainage occurs, so making it an ideal media for transporting acids, chemicals, oils, liquids and hazardous waste materials.

Vermiculite, as an ultra-lightweight loose-pour aggregate, is an ideal material for the reduction in airborne sound. Traditionally it has been the practice to incorporate heavy materials into a building to absorb the sound. However, in many cases this is not practical especially in existing buildings. Therefore vermiculite has become an ideal alternative acoustic damping material which, when used at a minimum of a 100mm depth, meets with class "A" as shown from tests undertaken by ARRO (report No. L/2840).


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