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Chrono Perambulator


Chrono Perambulator is a short film about the paradoxical discovery of futuristic remains in an archaelogical investigation and how heignsight would be a great aid to abating curiosity.

Charles Dance's Charachter goes to Ireland from London to investigate the findings of an archaelogical dig, that discovers turn of the century materials in a Stone-Age site. In the run up to this we also see the eccentric inventor, played by Bill Patterson, displaying and breaking his ultimate creation, a time machine he calls The Chrono Perambulator.
With this invention and his own ideas on where the out of place debris came from, he proclaims that by the use of his time machine they will find out what happened. The result of their findings, which very brilliantly twists the tale, is extremely clever.


  • Year: 1999
  • Location: Ireland
  • Client:
  • Director: Damien O'Donnell
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