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S-500 Snow Machine

The Antari S-500 is an adjustable air volume and fluid flow rate snow machine that can produce any snow effects needed, from fine snow to blizzards. The S-500 snow machine has a 20 litre fluid tank and is placed inside a flight case on wheels.The S-500 snow machine has a 10 meter long hose and it can be easily rigged on a tripod stand.

  • Adjustable output control
  • Adjustable snowflake size
  • Output : 400 ml / minute
  • Reservoir capacity : 20 litres
  • Operational time : 50 minutes
  • Dimensions : Length 592 mm, Width 551 mm, Height 651 mm
  • Weight : 46.4 kg
  • Built into a flight case to keep noise level at minimum
  • Extremely high output
  • Road case for outdoor operation and provides extra protection
  • LCD display
  • Manual and remote controlled


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